About Us


PkSeafood Has Taken Initiative To Offer A- Grade Export Quality Seafood At Competitive Prices And Quality Price To Its Customer

We Buy Seafood On Daily Basis From Auction By Daily Wagers  Our Seafood Is Not Kept More Than 24-48 Hrs.

Our core objective is to offer consumers with A & B-grade seafood.

In PAKISTAN, Seafood distribution is graded into 4 category A,B,C & D:

  • A-grade Mostly Exported
  • B-grade exported,bought by Distributors and Top notch seafood restaurants
  • C-grade Mostly Bought by Grocers & Supermarkets and others for further processing for frozen products which consumers in Pakistan get for cheaper amount.
  • D-grade Not fit for human consumption.It is exported for production of die tic products for animals and Feed.