Delivery policy

How do we deliver:

-In Karachi, we deliver SAMEDAY b/w 4’o clock – 5’o clock through our riders team.

-All orders after 5 are delivered next day.

-For Lahore and Islamabad,

 we deliver through:

-Pia Speedex  (AIR CARGO)(overnight delivery)

1000 rs ( 0-5 kg orders)

1500 rs (5-10 kg orders).

-By Train


 -For Karachi,

.We package in Icebox packed with conventional ice and plastic covering for 5kg order ( free of cost).

.We deliver in Good quality Zip locked packets for order below 5kg.

-For Lahore & Islamabad,

We Add Dry Ice in Icebox which easily maintains seafood till 48hrs


Your Sea food will be delivered to you in not more than 24 hours of order confirmations.

As we deal in Fresh Seafood we take some time to package and deliver. 

Seafood Rates

-Our rates are bit expensive than conventional markets and grocers b/c we buy fresh stock on daily basis from Auction held by daily-wage fisherman who comeback from fishing within 1 day.

-Our stock is super fresh 12hr to48hrs old stock usually.

Cleaning,Cutting & Wastage

-We offer free of cost Cleaning and Cutting style on your demand.

-We charge price with wastage.

-For any special demand mention in booking note.

Help line

You can get in touch with our sales team